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remembering the joy in life

In Hinduism, "Lila" or "Leela" means divine play. It is said to be the game or sport of Brahman (the creator), or the sport of the cosmos. It captures the essence freedom, peace, and joyful bliss.

While I love the lightness of Lila, I have experienced and seen the countless stressors and the heartbreaking heaviness of the world around me. I’ve found it hard to access this playful state easily. In fact, it can feel insensitive to grant oneself permission to play or find joy with all the suffering in the world.


However, in my clearest states of meditation, I can sense that underneath this grave suffering, lies expansive, radiant joy. Beneath harsh conditions and circumstances, we can still find play and lightness and ease.


We MUST find LELA.

Playfulness and joy can lead us to our own healing - as individuals and as a collective. It can allow us to set down the burdens long enough to remember our true nature - our true purpose. This reminder, allows lightness to transcend dark, joy to overshadow great suffering, and love to shine brighter than hate.


Of course, I also recognize the privilege I have to ruminate on and experience these states - and I’m hopeful that as we raise our collective vibration, all beings everywhere can find, feel, and experience LELA too.

That is my invitation to you all. To join the divine game of hide and seek -- seeking to find our truest selves, to learn and unlearn more about the cosmos, and to spread that joy into the world that so desperately needs it.

LELA is a new kind of health and wellness community. Our mission is to empower people to move peacefully, playfully, and sustainably through the world. Founded by Hillary Acer, E-RYT600 with over a decade of teaching experience, we teach intelligently designed yoga and meditation classes, lead global retreats, educational trainings, and workshops, and create personalized coaching programs that help you uncover your best YOU.

Come, let's make the world a more joyful and playful place.


I'm Hillary Acer

Founder of LELA Health and Yoga Instructor E-RYT 500

I've been teaching yoga for 10+ years and am passionate about public health, education, medicine, and healing.

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